Outreach Programming

Therapeutic Horticulture                                                                                      

Horticultural therapy helps improve memory, cognitive abilities, task initiation, language skills, and socialization.  Acton resident Cathy Fochtman offers 2-3 classes each month for Acton residents.                           

Balance Matters! 6 week classes

Funded by the Friends of the Acton Nursing Services                                                        

Join Karen Patterson PT, Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Geriatric Physical Therapy as she provides a 6 week series of classes on increasing strength, balance, flexibility and your confidence in performing activities of daily living.  Karen also holds individualized balance assessments by appointment in the Acton Nursing Services office for all upcoming Balance Matters! programs.  By doing these assessments she can determine if a resident could benefit from an individualized exercise program as opposed to this group class.  If this is the case, she is happy to assist in making this recommendation to your PCP.

Maintenance Balance Class  

Funded by an Anonymous Donor                                                                                                

Join Karen Patterson PT as she provides maintenance balance classes as a continued follow-up to her 6-week Balance Matters! Each class is independent of the other but you MUST have attended the Balance Matters! 6 week sessions to join

Location and Scheduling                                                                                    

All Classes are advertised in the Acton COA Newsletter each month.  Once the Newsletter is published and delivered to mailboxes and email as well as being published online, ANS will start booking classes.  Classes do book up fast so we recommend you start checking your email, mailbox or the Acton COA website which typically happens the LAST Wednesday of the prior month.

All Classes are held at: 

Acton Human Services and Senior Center, 30 Sudbury Road Rear, Acton

Please call the Acton Nursing Services to schedule at 978-929-6650