How is ANS funded? Does ANS accept charitable donations?
As part of the Town of Acton’s Health Department, Acton Nursing Services has been included in the Operations Budget of the Town of Acton since 2014. The Town budget for ANS takes account of fees paid by patients, commercial insurance companies, Medicare/Medicaid and other third-party payers related to skilled health care services delivered to Acton residents in their homes.
In addition to the budget – and to the extent funds allow - charitable donations are used to pay for some or all of the health-related expenses of any resident of the Town facing financial hardship who has unmet medical needs. Usually, residents in these circumstances are referred to the Director of the nursing service by other Town departments (e.g. police, social workers). Funds used for these activities are kept in a special Town account managed by the Town Accountant and available to the Director, Nursing Services, that is fed by donations made specifically for this purpose. Donations can be made on-line, by mail or in person. Planned donations in the form of bequests and/or permanent Trust Funds should be discussed in advance with the Town Finance Department.
Separately, ANS also continues to receive significant assistance from FANS (the Friends of Acton Nursing Service) which, at the request of the Director, Nursing Services, contributes to the cost of skilled and ancillary medical services for eligible ANS clients who remain in need. FANS also purchases and donates medical equipment and non-disposables used by ANS in serving its clients and the community (e.g. telemedicine and professional podiatry equipment, thermometers, blood pressure cuffs) and purchases marketing materials that promote ANS to the community. Since 1983, FANS has been a 501 (c) 3 non-profit volunteer organization with an independent Board. Charitable donations to FANS are generally tax-deductible.

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